What is Open Data?

Open data is the idea that certain data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. At SAGIS we believe that sharing data helps our community grow and be more responsible.

This site provides access to all of our published open data. With SAGIS Open Data, you can view it, map it, style it, chart it, download it or share it. How you use it is entirely up to you!

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Not seeing something that you need please feel free to contact us for data that is not posted here.

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SAGIS provides data via REST services which can be viewed on our REST site.

If you need help adding REST services to your map please click here.

Some of our more poplar data sets

Image Services

Our aerial photography is provided as the Image Services listed below:

Elevation Services

Our DEM's provided as the Image Services listed below:


Here at SAGIS we know that sometimes you just need a map, and sometimes that map is already done. We have a variety of maps available to the public to download and view. Check out our work to see if it will save you some time and effort, just click here.


(Our public viewer)

We also provide to the public a general mapping site Chatham County, that has been continuous in operation since 1998. SAGIS was the first organisation in the State of Georgia to put into place a public interactive web map. Check us out!!